Ecologic Bathing

A pure water

For your greatest comfort, the whole zone of bathing works thanks to a system of natural filtration through which the used water is processed by a system of biological auto-purification. The ponds of regeneration, mainly constituted of reeds, are going to clean, cleanse and process the water. You bathe in natural water, without any chemical treatment(processing) nor chlorine.

That is why we ask you to take a shower with soap before getting to ponds.

A quality of water watched and analyzed.

Every morning before the opening, the maintenance crew Rivièr’ Alp cleans 3 ponds of bathing. Water samplings are made every Friday and analyzed by the cabinet Savoie lab. Other parameters, in particular the temperature and the pH, are continuously watched, 24 hours a day.

Teams of maintenance Rivièr’ Alp check and clean the fine filters, then make sure of the smooth running of pumps and ponds of regeneration.
All these devices and maintenance are subject to a follow-up and a strict survery by the Regional Agency of Health.

Maximum number of visits authorized : 650 people
Because of their peculiarities (respect for the capacities of filtration), all the natural bathings are compelled to respect the number of daily visits authorized, threshold beyond which no new swimmer will be welcomed.

This for sanitary reasons, of safety and supervision of ponds. The number of visitors of the ecological bathing Rivier’Alp is set up to a maximum of 840 people a day. Beyond this limit, there will be no further admittance.

It is also to satisfy these quality criteria of the water that wearing shorts of bath is forbidden and that the shower with soap is compulsory before getting to ponds.

By respecting these regulations of hygiene and safety, you contribute to protect the quality of the water of the ponds of…

The look of the designer: mister Patrick BIDEGAIN, landscape architect Green Concept

More than a philosophy, natural bathings are above all meant o be a state of mind as close as possible to nature where man becomes an integral part of the water.

The leisure center Rivièr’ Alp aims at being a concentrate of nature where every equipment, every arrangement has been thought to respect the quality of the site and the history of places … The result is most surprising, I thus invite you to join us and to share moments of emotion in this site of exception !

Green Concept

Agence de lyon
4 rue coste
69 300 Caluire

Tél : 04 78 23 37 22
Fax : 04 78 23 37 00

3 ponds in 1

In a natural surrounding wall of character, the ecological bathing Rivièr’ Alp invites you to real moments of pleasure and relaxation. With 6000 m2 of beaches and its 3 ponds of natural bathing, everyone will find a reason for falling a victim to emotion.

The aquatic space of 2 600 m ² consists of:

  • 1 pond-walk of 100 m ² to reach the water or just wet to get your feet wet(20 cms of water),
  • 1 pond-walk of 144 m ² to get wet quite confidently (70 cms deep),
  • 1 pond discovery of 440 m ² (1m20 deep),
  • 1 big pond of 540 m ² (1m50 deep
  • 1 sports pond of 25 m x 12 m with its 5 lines of lanes for the amateurs of breast-stroke swimming! (1m80 deep).

These coupled ponds allow everybody to go in for the pleasures of the water according to your level. Take advantage of it!

The water is bioloically filtered and is submitted to no chemical treatment. It is a 100 % natural water that is proposed to you for your greatest comfort …

To respect the quality of the water of bathing and by respect for the largest number, we recommend you to take a shower with soap before getting to ponds.

To combine pleasure and relaxation, the panoramic snack bar Rivièr’ Alp invites you for a break …

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