Water Sports Club

Life of the club

The Tritons celebrate its 40 years. To mark the occasion, the club is going to settle in the new sports pond of the ecological bathing and to offer the children of the villages of the valley of Chartreuse quality lessons.

Swimming lessons

Every year, it is possible to register your children for various courses according to their ages. By subscribing to the club, you are given swimming lessons by the swimming instructors of the ecological bathing. Not less than 65 children can take advantage of trainings:

  • 6 to 9 year old group  :
    Learning : aquatic motricity (lap, dorsal, a symetry, an asymetry) and aquatic breath.
  • 9 – 12 years old group :
    Learning : 3 swimming (crawl, breast stroke, inverted breast stroke), butterfly stroke, dive and aquatic breath.
  • 11 – 18 years old group :
    Learning(Apprenticeship) : 4 relatively acquired swimming, volume of more intense swimming and more elaborate technical approach.


For more information, get in touch with:

  • Pascal SELIN – Président – 04 76 66 05 05

Competition and results (profits)

To share a friendly moment and enliven the ecological bathing Rivièr’ Alp, two competitions are organized by the club at the swimming pond (5 lanes – 25 x 12,5 ml):

  • Competition from Saturday, July 23rd from 09:00 am till 12:00 am when the clubs of Saint-Geoirs in Valdaine, Bridge(Deck) of Beauvoisin, The Abrets and Tritons meet in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Competition from Saturday, August 27th from 09:00 am till 12:00 am when 2 and 4 swims are preferential.