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Discovering the Guiers Vif

Encircled naturally by the waters of the Guiers Vif and the village of Les Echelles, the leisure center Rivièr’ Alp suggests you should idle about the historic streets of both villages of Entre-Deux-Guiers and Les Echelles (leisure center separating the two municipalities) by passing the bridge of Entre-Deux-Guiers / Les Echelles. Only one single step makes you go from Savoie to Isere and vice versa.

For the lovers of beautiful landscapes and true nature, do not hesitate to walk on the paths of the leisure center and to go to the 3 viewsites along the Guiers Vif. The view is more than breathtaking…

Hiking in the woods …

Have a walk in the woods, while there is no wolf ! Between the path “Béatrice de Savoie”, the site of the Menuet, the hike along the Guiers Mort village of Entre-Deux-Guiers, everyone will definitely find what they’re looking for !

For more information on these hikes from the leisure center, we invite to enter the Tourist office in the leisure center where you will be offered the most suitable hike.