Royal Road

Biking for pleasure

With a soft and convenient ground, the valley of Chartreuse offers an ideal playground for families in search of biking for pleasure with the ROYAL ROAD route


From the leisure center Rivièr’ Alp, more than 2 kilometers of tracks are expecting you among which 850 meters reserved for pedestrians / bikes amateurs of rollers, push-chairs … At the end of the path, leave your bikes on the parking lot recently equipped and take a walk on the Roman way and its important patrimonial wealth.


Don’t miss this activity if you enjoy discovery all the more as l’Auberge des Grottes welcomes you in the summer time for a well-deserved break !

Fall in love !

Logo Voie royaleWho has never dreamed to dive in time and redraw the big events which made the history of the valley of Chartreuse ? It is possible from now on with the application “Royal road” which you will download on your mobile phones. 6 historic studios are expecting you for a life-size immersion. Walk or ride there anytime by yourself or with friends.


You have a smartphone, flash me

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Discovery the caves



Not far from the leisure center Rivièr’ Alp by car (5 minutes), by bicycle (15 minutes) or on foot (40 minutes), Saint Christophe-la-Grotte’s historic site offers you many curiosities between guided tours of the two caves, visits by torchlight, show for children, speleology, hiking on the prehistoric track of Azil and Magda … Ready for a very busy day!